What is design?

Design is not just to make things pretty.

Design should solve problems, whereas art is supposed to provoke your thoughts and emotions.

Imagine you wanted to drink a cup of tea in the boutique. All items are beautiful and have unique shapes. You’ve never seen it in other stores. You tried to grab one of the cups on the table. However, you couldn’t find a single handle of the cups. Alternatively, you thought to grab a cup itself. That was even harder because the cup was too slippery because of the material they used for this fantastic cup! After searching for minutes, you finally checked a tiny handle (as small as your nail) inside the cup.

If you purchase this cup to display in your house, it must be art. If you went to the boutique for a cup, I can tell you they failed to design a good product.

A good design should not be complicated. Without thinking, anyone should figure out how to use the product, almost in an instinct.

Moreover, creating good visual content is extremely important to communicate the right messages to one another.

For example, imagine a supermarket staff gave you a flyer on the way you were going for grocery shopping. The flyer was to advertise their new items. They used the white colour font on the yellow background. Indeed, the photos were not about the supermarket. So, you couldn’t even guess what this flyer is trying to show.

As much as writing good articles, you should know how to apply the right design in the communication materials.

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